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Hey sisters..get organized for “back-to-school” with this check-list!

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7 times to avoid the scale
From sparkpeople.com

Trying to lose weight?
Don’t let the scale discourage you, know how and when to use it.
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Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas


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December Sunshine
Warm up holiday decor with a touch of citrus. Arrange bright lemons, limes, oranges, and kumquats in a shallow dish. Fill empty spaces between the fruit with miniature ornaments and pine boughs.

Holiday in the Hills
Skip the flammable cotton snow and use inverted bowls to lend a little alpine lift to your Christmas village. A swag of greenery creates a perfect border to showcase the display.

Easy Ornament Flowerpot
Here’s a fresh use for large tree ornaments: Turn them into delightful mini vases.

Bowlful of Bulbs
Tuck a candle into a bowl of Christmas lights for an easy, festive look. Mix and match candle and bulb colors to work with your holiday decor.

Picture Perfect
Layer pieces to create a seasonal display. Hang a large empty frame on the wall, then use a wide ribbon to suspend a smaller one in the center. Tuck a swag of greenery under the ribbon along the edge of the top frame, and tie an ornament to the bow that holds the small frame.

Simply Christmas
Bare branches are ideal for showcasing a collection of intricate, detailed ornaments. Stick branches in a pitcher filled with small rocks or marbles and add moss to the top. Hang ornaments from the branches and surround the arrangement with jars filled with colorful Christmas candy.

Decorating Fusion
Meld two Christmas classics — trees and wreaths — into one decoration. This pine bough hangs on the wall like a wreath, but its noncircular shape and ornamentation give it a treelike appearance.

Winter Wonderland
Set a snowy tablescape with a montage of vintage white planters. Instead of plants, fill the planters with red, green, and white ornaments. Additional accents, such as Santa and white Christmas trees (shown here), look best if they’re sized appropriately for the ceramics.

Starry, Starry Sight
For maximum star power, fill a decorative sleigh, bowl, or other holiday container with ornaments of a similar color and shape. Here, crystal, gold, and silver stars sparkle in a little sleigh — more than they would if spread out over the tree branches.

Score with Scrabble
Welcome your guests with artfully arranged Scrabble game tiles. A pretty silver tray accented with matching ornaments and a bit of greenery completes the composition.

Tag, You’re It
Turn simple Christmas tags into a decorative garland. Knot the tags onto a length of ribbon and tack to the wall above a doorway or window.

Holiday Glow
Use flea market costume jewelry to dress up plain votive cups. Coat juice glasses with clear crafts glue, then roll the glasses in clear glitter. Attach silver trim around the rims and finish with faux jewels. Light the candles and watch the ensembles sparkle.


How to De-Clutter Your House for $1.49 (U.S.) (sure it will work no matter your currency)

Hands up anyone who wants a cleaner, more organized house! Ok, it can’t just be me. Nope. I know I see some hands sneaking up. There always seems to be too much stuff and too little time. Oh yeah and not enough space. This next article by Karen Ehman was a ray of light. It is simple and practical and can work no matter what size space you are dealing with. Enjoy and please pass it on to others. Let’s share what has helped us.











Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

Not everyone can afford to have a multi-million dollar wedding, but they can make it a day to remember. Unfortunately, many brides make some common mistakes in the endeavor to realize that dream. The following list describes the pitfalls you want to avoid while planning your nuptials:

Blowing your budget – Brides are generally excited about planning their wedding day and tend to “jump the gun” and start booking vendors right and left without thoroughly shopping the competition. Most vendors require down payments to book an event and in the case of cancellation, the down payment will most likely not be refunded. So, brides, shop before you book!

Inviting too many guests -Make sure your guest list and your reception site match numbers-wise. You can’t invite 400 people assuming only 250 will RSVP with a yes because if 300 happen to say yes, you may have problems caring for them. To avoid this, assume eighty percent will respond yes and limit your guest list accordingly.

Trying to plan the entire wedding on your own – Your engagement period should be one of the most enjoyable times in your life, so why ruin it by stressing yourself out trying to plan the perfect wedding! It is unbelievable how much time and effort goes in to planning a wedding, so it is advisable to delegate different tasks to friends or family, or better yet, hire a wedding planner!

Misunderstandings and lack of communication – Grooms aren’t usually interested in details and often do not relay critical information to their parents. As a result, they may feel left out. Parents of the bride or, at very least the bride’s mother, should contact the groom’s parents to discuss and work out important details and share information. Parents of the bride should make every effort to include and involve the groom’s parents and, if either have any indication of misunderstandings or hard feelings, the matter should be resolved immediately!

Crash dieting – One of the most important things to remember if you are trying to lose weight is to start early. For example, don’t try to lose 20 pounds two months before the big day. So if your dream-wedding day includes you being in great shape, then include fitness as a “to-do” on your overall wedding checklist. That way it will be a priority in your wedding planning.

Next time we will look at more mistakes to avoid but remember why you are planning this wedding. You love each other and are planning a day in which to celebrate that love. Don’t let the planning put you at odds with your partner. Avoid taking on too much…that’s what Event Plan-it is here for!  Our rates are very competitive, and we can customize a package to fit your needs and budget.

Kay Thomas

246 239 6173 

email: info@eventplan-it.com

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