Other Contributors

Kay Thomas


Kay Thomas is an event planner and our own resident “Martha Stewart”.  She is a certified wedding planner with the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada and has over 15 years experience in event planning. Kay is enthusiastic and experienced and able to bring the beauty to life in every event she is involved in. Kay also loves home decor and Caribbean cooking and is the creator of Ezee Cuisine products for quick “stress-free” cooking and baking. She currently has Ezee cuisine Bajan bakes in supermarkets across Barbados and has recently launched the Ezee Cuisine whole grain muffin brand which is sure to hit breakfast corners all over the island. A believer in Christ, Kay loves to use this gift of hospitality to bless other women and is a ready source of advice on everything from recipes to money saving tips. She lives in Barbados with her husband and two children.
To contact Kay:

Tel: 246 239 6173
email: info@eventplan-it.com or sisterz.keeper@gmail.com
On the Web: Event Plan-it Facebook: Event plan-it


Robertha Reid


Robertha Reid is a young professional who works in the area of trade and export development of Caribbean companies. Robertha was educated at the University of the West Indies and the George Washington University where she studied Business Management and International Development respectively. Robertha enjoys working to change the lives of people from developing countries and has traveled and worked on several international projects in the Caribbean, Ghana, Amsterdam, Peru, Bolivia, Bangladesh and Washington DC. Robertha has completed the Discipleship Training School at Youth With A Mission and also assists with Restore Haiti missions. Along with her husband Adrian they are co-pastors at Grazettes Community Church in Barbados, a member of Churches in Communties Int. Robertha is also the proud mother of sons, Levi-Hunter and Luke-Pierce.

To contact Robertha email: sisterz.keeper@gmail.com





2 thoughts on “Other Contributors

  1. This is wonderful and salute each of you.I know God will use this ministry to impact women of every tribe and nation.One thing I would like to see when you go on the your beautiful faces instead of what you now have.Blessing Lorene.


    • Thanks Lorene for your support. Please continue to pray for this ministry that God will use it to really minister to women, bring readers closer to Him and spread the gospel. Once we’ve launched (date to be announced!) spread the word!


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